Malaysian National Medicines Policy (MNMP) First Term

The MNMP is executed in term. The First Term MNMP covers a period of 5 years from year 2007 until 2011. The policy resulted from the collaborative effort among government agencies and private sector. Consultations with the aid from the World Health Organization (WHO) through workshops and meetings with all stakeholders produced the policy document in year 2006 and succeeded by endorsement from the Malaysian Cabinet as an official national pharmaceutical policy.

The First Term MNMP comprises of eight components as followed:

Four core components:

  1. Quality, safety and efficacy of drugs
  2. Drug availability
  3. Drug affordability
  4. Quality use of drugs

Four supporting components:

  1. Human resource development
  2. Research and development
  3. Technical cooperation
  4. Management of the National Medicines Policy

Review of the First Term Malaysian National Medicine Policy

The policy had been fully-reviewed in October 2012 after six years of implementation process. The revised document had been produced and published as the ‘Second Term Malaysian National Medicines Policy’.

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