Malaysian National Medicines Policy (MNMP) Fourth Term

Malaysian National Medicines Policy Fourth Term (2022-2026) is published as a revised version and strengthened in line with the changing times and country's health needs to the third edition. Components from the third term remained in the fourth term. The five (5) components in the fourth term are as follows:

  1. Governance in Medicines
  2. Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Medicines
  3. Access to Medicines
  4. Quality Use of Medicines
  5. Partnership and Collaboration for the Healthcare Industry

The MNMP Second Term started its revision in year 2022. A revised document was produced and endorsed by the MNMP Steering Committee in April 2023. The document was published as ‘Malaysian National Medicines Policy Fourth Term’ which contains policy statement, issues and challenges as well as Master Plan of Action with planned strategies and initiatives.

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