Ubat Melalui Pos 1Malaysia Service


Ubat Melalui Pos 1Malaysia (UMP1M) or Medicines by Post 1Malaysia is a service that delivers patient's monthly medicines supply straight to the location of their choice, with a minimal delivery fee. It is one of the Value-Added Service provided for patient's convenience in order to get their medicines supply.



The objective of this service is to:

  1. Reduce patient's waiting time at the pharmacy
  2. Ensure the continuity of patient medicines supply
  3. Increase patient's compliance towards their medication therapy


Scope of Service

This service is offered for delivery within the PosLaju area coverage in Malaysia.


Criteria for Medicines by Post 1Malaysia service


  1. Compliant and understand about their medication therapy
  2. Understand how to use/apply their medicines
  3. Stable


  1. Follow-up prescription
  2. Chronic disease
  3. First medicine supply are collected from pharmacy
  4. Duration longer than 1 month


  1.  In tablet / capsule dosage forms
  2. Does not require special storage
  3. No psychotropic medicines
  4. Not supplied separately


Advantages of UMP1M

  1. Save time and transportation costs
  2. Ensure continuity of their medicines supply


For more information

Please contact any pharmacy staff at the nearest MOH hospital or health clinic nearby  if you are interested in this service. For further information, please refer to the UMP1M pamphlet (in Malay) below.