Pharmacy Research Priorities in Malaysia (Second Edition)

The Pharmacy Research Priorities in Malaysia (PRPM) aims to provide guidance to pharmacy research activities towards the generation of evidence relevant to the national health priorities. The setting of priority areas for pharmacy research is crucial for the coordination of research activities, bridging the knowledge gaps maximising the resources and supporting the development of new health policies. The first edition of PRPM was published in 2018. As the healthcare sector is very dynamic with constant changes in technology and disease trends, the research priorities have been reassessed to ensure that the PRPM remains relevant to the current and future needs. Eight research priority domains have been identified in the Second Edition of PRPM, namely:

  1. Medicine Development
  2. Access to Medicines
  3. Impact of Pharmacotherapy Optimisation
  4. Impact of Pharmacy Services
  5. Medicine Consumerism
  6. Digital-in-health
  7. Governance
  8. Capacity and Capability Building

The priority domains of such research are relevant to all institutions conducting pharmacy research in Malaysia. In this regard, researchers and health organisations are encouraged to consider the priority of the research when planning research activities.

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