Pharmacy Research Reports

The Pharmacy Research Reports is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Pharmaceutical Services Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).  It contains research articles of pharmacy related researches conducted in the MOH by MOH pharmacists and other professionals throughout the country. This is part of the efforts to enhance research and knowledge sharing. The sharing of research findings is hoped to help pharmacists in the country to utilise available evidence in their practice and to encourage more pharmacists to embark in pharmacy research.

Articles in the Pharmacy Research Reports Volume 6 Issue 1 May 2023:

  1. Publics’ Perceptions and Satisfactions Regarding the Role and Services Provided By Pharmacists at Outpatient Pharmacy Department (OPD) In District Hospital
    Sri Devaki Prashna A/P Krishnan, Tey Yan Teng, Lim Jia Jia, Nazariza Munjiyat @ Esa
  2. A Qualitative Exploration of Facilitators and Barriers towards Refill Prescription via Pharmacy Appointment Card System (PACS) among Outpatients in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah (HTAN)
    Nishakaran Pushpa Rajah, Nurul Salwa Saleh, Khairul Hazriq Mohd Khomsar, Nurul Liyana Muhamad Rizal, Ummul Syuhaida Mohd Nor

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