Annual Events

27th PIC/S Expert Circle Meeting On Human Blood, Tissues, Cells and Advance Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

National Oncology Pharmacy Conference 2023

11th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2021

Unified Public Consultation (UPC): Implementation of Medicines Price Mechanism & Cost-Benefit Analysis

Invitation to Engagement Sessions on Medicines Price Mechanism and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

POSTPONED: 11th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2021

ASEAN Seminar on Antimicrobial Stewardship

Konvensyen Inovasi dan Kreativiti Farmasi 2019

National Oncology Pharmacy Conference (NOPC2.0)

National Regulatory Conference 2018 (NRC 2018)

10th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2018 (Open for Registration)

Konvensyen Inovasi & Kreativiti Farmasi 2017

50th MPS Seminar 2017: "Towards Global Standard In Pharmacy Practice"

49TH MPS SEMINAR 2016: Empowering Professionalism

1st Kelantan Renal Pharmacy Seminar 2016

9th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2016 (2nd Announcement)

12th MPS Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2015

Seminar on the Introduction of the New Guideline for Medicines Advertisements

Seminar on the Introduction of the New Guideline for Medicines Advertisements

Examination Date for Qualifying Examination for Registration as a Practising Pharmacist 2015

Live Interview: 'Suara Kita Hak Kita' on RTM1 at 9 pm, April 28th, 2014

First National Conference on Pharmacy Practice (NCoPP) 2014

3rd Announcement 8th Pharmacy R&D Conference 2014

2nd Pharmacoeconomics & Outcome Research Conference 2014

Workshop on Decision Modelling for Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation

Management Course for Chief Pharmacist and PKD Pharmacist

Workshop on Ambulatory Pharmacy - Women's Health

Theme Competition for The 8th National R&D Conference 2014

Pharmacy Innovation and Creativity Convention 2013

Course on Good Distribution Practice

Methadone Dispensing Course For Pharmacy Assisstant

Pharmacy Enforcement Conference 2013 - “Forensic Analysis and Enforcement on SSFFC Medicinal Product”

Seminar on Vetting Medicine Advertisement

Protocol, Social Etiquette and Communication Course

Human Capital Integration Course

National Regulatory Conference 2013 and Post Conference Seminar

Home Medication Review Workshop (Pre-Conference Workshop)

First National Conference On Quality Use Of Medicines 2013

benchmarking of Pharmacy Store Activity Workshop

Pharmacy Carnival 2013 - Mahrajan As Syaidaliyah

Seminar on Vetting of Medicines Advertisement

Tutorial Session for the March 2013 Pharmacy Forensic Examination

Dialogue between Pharmaceutical Services Division and Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

Pharmacy Forensic Examination June 2013

Pharmacy Forensic Examination November 2013

Pharmacy Forensic Examination Mac 2013

Kursus Pembangunan Integrasi Modal Insan untuk Anggota Perkhidmatan Farmasi

National Medicines Policy Full Term Review Workshop (DUNAS)

MPS Pharmaceutical Scientific Conference

Peperiksaan Board of Specialisation - Pharmacotherapy

Know Your Medicine Ambassador Program and National Pharmacy Call Centre Toll Free 1800-88-6722 Launching Ceremony

Application of Modelling in Formulary Listing

Pharmacoeconomics: Intermediate course

Development of Guideline for Proforma Submission by company