Buying Medicines Online: Beware

Risk of purchasing medications via Internet

Risks of Medicine Sold Online

Medicine sold online exposes unwary consumers to certain dangers and undesirable risks. It is really difficult for consumers to check seller legitimacy and examine the medicine to determine its registration status before making a purchase.

The risks and dangers that may be encountered are as follows:

Obtaining medicine which is not registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, therefore the... [ Read more ]

Illegal Advertisement: Don’t Get Influenced

Most of the advertisements frequently used superlative words or phrases such as ‘Guaranteed’, ‘Effective’, ‘No side effect’, Miracle’, No. 1’ and many others. And surprisingly, many of the advertisements promise something that is dubious. Sometimes many of these illegal advertisements displayed immoral statement especially those relating with sexual performance. For example, improving sexual function either directly or implied for the purpose of getting public attraction. It is even more dangerous when some of them mentioning many testimonials which are inaccurate.... [ Read more ]

How to recognize approved advertisement?


All advertisements approved by Medicines Advertisement Board (MAB) will be given approval numbers. The approval number begins with KKLIU, followed by 4 digits referring to the serial number and ends with year which refers to when the approval is submitted. Each approval number must be displayed on the published advertisement. Consumers are adviced not to be confused between MAL registration number with the serial number KKLIU approval.


MAL REGISTRATION NO.... [ Read more ]

Tips on how to buy medicines online

Below are the tips on how to buy medicines online safely:

CAN ONLY buy medicines which categorized as over-the-counter (OTC), traditional and health supplements (MAL number ended with X, T or N). MAL number ended with A are classified as controlled medicines (require prescription). Check the registered product here or by using "NPRA Product Status" apps available at Google Play. Medicines that require prescription is PROHIBITED to sell via the Internet. Prescription items can only be obtained from registered doctor or dispensed by licensed pharmacist. AVOID... [ Read more ]

Enforcement action

In order to protect the health and welfare of the public, the enforcement in online sales of pharmaceutical products through the internet has become a major challenge to the Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. This Division is trying to curb the selling of pharmaceutical products which violate the provisions of law detected in the digital medium. Pharmaceutical Services Division (PSD) through the Pharmacy Enforcement is also working with the Communications and Multimedia Commission, the Royal Malaysian Police, Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-... [ Read more ]


Any individual who commits an offence under Control Of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984 can be fined up to a maximum of RM25,000 or a jail sentence not exceeding 3 years or both for the first offence, and for a subsequent offence, a fine up to a maximum of RM50,000 or a jail sentence not exceeding 5 years or both.

Hence, beware when buying medicines via the Internet. Check before you click!


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