Syarat-syarat Kelayakan Masuk Minimum Ke Program Farmasi



A. The selection for admission to a pharmacy programme implies selection for the Pharmacy profession.

A person who is qualified in Pharmacy from a pharmacy degree programme recognized by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia (“Board”) is entitled to be registered by the Board (Section 6, Registration of Pharmacist Act 1951). The fitness to practise pharmacy of the intended applicant shall have to be considered in the selection for entry into any pharmacy degree programme.

B. The Pharmacy practice requires the highest standards of professional and personal conduct as well as professional competence.

1.        Although some students have attained the academic standards required, they will not be suitable to a career in Pharmacy. It is in the interest of the public and such students that they should not gain admission, rather than to have to leave the course or the profession subsequently.

2.           It is the  responsibility of the  pharmacy school to  ensure that there are no  particular circumstances that will impact upon an applicant’s fitness to practise upon graduation.

3.           All applicants shall declare if they have:

  •  been found guilty of any criminal offence(s);
  •  serious physical or mental illness; and/or
  •  serious communicable disease(s)

             which may impact upon their future practice.

4.             A person with any of the following shall be disqualified from entry into a pharmacy degree programme:

  • found guilty of offence(s) affecting the human body;
  • recent or serious dishonesty e.g. cheating at examinations, falsification of documents, plagiarism;
  • serious physical or mental illness; and/or
  • serious communicable disease(s).

5.           Any failure to declare information that has a material influence on a student’s fitness to practise may lead to termination of their pharmacy degree course, as honesty, integrity and good health are essential attributes of a pharmacist and by extension, the pharmacy degree student. -In the event of any doubt, the pharmacy school shall seek clarification from the Board.

C.         A high level of academic attainment is expected.

1.          An understanding of science, in particular chemistry and biology, is central to the understanding of Pharmacy. However, the Board recognizes the diversity of subjects taken by applicants and the contributions of those who entered pharmacy schools with other qualifications.

2.               All applicants shall have attained a level of competence in English to enable them to complete the course successfully.

3.            All applicants who enter a matriculation, foundation or pre-pharmacy programme, shall have passed and attained a minimum of the following at School Certificate level or its equivalent.

            3.1          Minimum Entry Requirements for the Pharmacy Degree Program Effective from 15 January 2018                             (Attachment A).

            3.2          Minimum Requirements for International Qualification to the Pharmacy Degree Program                                             Effective from the 2022 student intake (Attachment B).

4.             Applicants shall be required to pass an aptitude test and/or an interview and/or university entrance examination.


This guideline was adapted from the guideline prepared by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia.