Global Anti-counterfeiting Awards 2013, Paris, 28 May 2013

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Friday, 31 May 2013
Press Release by Director General Of Health Malaysia
The 2013 Global Anti Counterfeiting Awards

The Ministry of Health Malaysia has taken several initiatives in protecting the public from dangerous and counterfeit medicines. These exceptional efforts have been accorded international recognition with the presentation of the “Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award 2013” in the public sector category by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group Network (GACG), an international anti-counterfeit organization based in London, UK. The award was presented in conjunction with the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day organized by Union des Fabricans in Paris, France on the 28th of May 2013. The award was received by Dato’ Eisah bt. A. Rahman, Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services Division on behalf of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

Indeed, this prestigious award is a great honor for Ministry of Health Malaysia especially the Pharmaceutical Services Division, who leads the responsibility in curbing counterfeit medicines in Malaysia. Various efforts based on policies and operations have been successfully implemented, including a strong political commitment, robust legislation, a comprehensive regulatory system for medicines registration, effective use of MeditagTM security holograms, continuous enforcement activities and embarking in consumer awareness campaigns throughout Malaysia. The implementation of the MeditagTM since 2005 as an important tool for product authentification has shown positive impact in combating counterfeits in Malaysia. Close collaboration between the Pharmacy Enforcement Division with other parties such as governmental, private and non-government agencies at the national and global level, have also contributed to this success.

This 15th annual GACG award ceremony has positioned the Pharmacy Enforcement Division, MOH Malaysia at par with world renowned law enforcement agency like the INTERPOL, which also received the similar award in the international public body category. The Ministry of Health Malaysia will continue our commitment in protecting the public by combating counterfeit medicines in the marketplace. In this regard, I urge the consumers to be cautious and to avoid buying suspicious medicines which may be counterfeits.

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah
Director General of Health Malaysia
Ministry of Health Malaysia